"I See a Great Show in your Future!

Carroll Baker

Fun and Unforgettable Parties Guaranteed Magician in Columbus and Central OH

The "Birthday Party" of scouting is often the highlight of the year. It brings families together for an evening of fun and cheer.

Carroll can help you make your Blue & Gold a very magical and memorable event. Whether you're planning a Blue and Gold Banquet, a pack meeting or any event involving your Scouts, Carroll has 28 years of experience to help you create the special event.

Blue and Gold Banquets are His Specialty!

Carroll has a show designed specifically for Scouts! There are several Scout related tricks developed just for Blue & Golds. There is a ton of audience participation and comedy. There is even a special magic effect that uses the Scout Master for some fun.

One of the highlights of the show is one of Carroll's most popular tricks—the Color Changing Scout Neckerchief. Imagine the look on your Scout's face when Carroll 'accidently' Changes the helper's very own Scout neckerchief. At the climax of the show, Carroll and a scout will change a Dove into a Rabbit!

The show is approximately 40-45 minutes in length and is guaranteed to have you laughing and amazed!

Carroll’s schedule fills quickly during Blue & Gold Season so call or email today to get on the calendar.